1st Day of Kindergarten

1st Day of Kindergarten

My first day of Kindergarten was just amazing!  “School is my most favourite thing in life!” I love everything about kindergarten – singing, crafts, playing, learning, stories – I was made for this stuff.  I know I’m going to love school.  My teacher Mme. Fortier is wonderful and I have 17 great classmates that I get to make friends with.  We made crowns today and got to pick if we wanted to be a princess or a queen, of course I picked a princess!  We got to go in search of Mme. Fortier’s treasure chest that was taken by a dragon!  We looked all over the school and even met up with Robert’s class in the gym.  I’m very excited about this year and if you’d like to hear ALL about it give me a call – I’ll talk your ear off!

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