Learning to Skate

Learning to Skate

Like most Canadians I’m sure, we have been following the Olympics at our house and enjoying all the different winter sports.  I think it’s amazing how strong the athletes are and the amazing things they can do.  I watched speed skating the other day and I couldn’t help imagining what it would be like to wear those long skates and skate so so fast.  I pretended to be a speed skater and skated up and down the hall way back and forth.  Then yesterday we got to go skating for real!  So skating has proven to be a little more difficult then pretending to skate up and down the hall way, but mom and dad said that I did really well for my second time on skates.  I was pretty nervous about falling and getting hurt, ice is pretty hard!  So mom and dad were pretty patient with me as I held on to them really tight, but they also pushed me a little and got me to skate on my own a little – and hey I actually SKATED!  I really like skating and I’m looking forward to learning how to do it better and when I get really good, well who knows…speed skating, hockey, figure skating?  We’ll take it one baby step at a time.

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