All Dug Out

All Dug Out

Well, after 3 days of snow last weekend, we have finally dug ourselves out.  We helped dad shovel and enjoyed playing in the piles of freshly fallen snow on Sunday.  It snowed some more and on Monday we were busy shoveling again.  We drove mom to work on Monday and got stuck getting out of our driveway, so dad decided we needed to move all the snow away from our driveway area.  Now we are able to get in and out of the driveway pretty well, even though the city hasn’t gotten around to plowing our street – but that may never happen:)  So now we are trying to keep warm, since we’ve gotten below 20 again – but that is just life one the Prairies.  At least we have nice warm houses to live in, and lots of toys and activities to keep us busy.

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