Yearly Family Tradition

Yearly Family Tradition

Today I took part in what is becoming a yearly tradition for my family, we went to the hay maze!  It was lots of fun, if not a bit dusty… What made it even more exciting and special was that Robert’s class was also there, having fun on their first field trip!  There were sooo many other kids there too, which made it a bit crazy – especially since Robbie and the other kids were enjoying having hay fights.  I had fun taking in all the chaos and I’m really looking forward to the day that I can join the kids in the fun.  I did have some fun of my own, walking the maze in mommy and daddy’s arms and I got to sit in the hay and play with a pumpkin and of course I got to take my picture with the flowers.  Have a look at this photo page of the maze over the past few years.

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