9 Months Old

9 Months Old

I’m am growing so much – dad and mom can hardly believe that I am already 9 months.  This month has a been a busy one, getting ready for my first Christmas.  I’ve really enjoyed decorating, praying around the advent wreath with my family, learning the Christmas story and playing with the nativity set:)  We are at Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Jose’s place for Christmas, which is SOOOO much fun.  All the family is here, which means Jacinta, Benjamin and I get to celebrate our first Christmas all together – how special is that!  We are enjoying our Borges family and all the attention that we are getting, although I find it a bit overwhelming and want mommy or daddy most of the time – it’s just a phase though, I’ll grow out of it soon.  I still have lots of smiles for everyone, as long as mommy or daddy is close by, or someone is feeding me – I love food!  I’m really looking forward to all the Christmas celebrations – it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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