Music Recital

Music Recital

Well another recital has come and gone and we did great!  We were excited to be playing for Great-Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma Lorraine, Aunty Sharon and Jacinta and a very special guest all the way from Bermuda – Uncle Chris!  I played Aura Lee and my composition – “Ariel and Flounder”.  Mrs. J. does such a good job helping us sound good and practising 5 times a week helps too.  I’m proud of all I have learned and all I’ve accomplished!  I also had fun because one of my school friends, Grace Anne was there.  We had lots of fun together:)  Sunbeams I was VERY fun and I’m excited to go onto Sunshine II so I can learn all the cool songs Robert learned. I hope my fingers grow a little over the summer though, because some of the bridges are quite a stretch for me – but hey I LOVE a challenge.

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