Aunty Amy!

Aunty Amy!

Today we had a visit from Aunty Amy – what a treat!  It has been so long since we have been able to see her and play with her and hug her and love her in person!  Thanks so much for coming to visit and for bringing such nice and fun friends to visit too.  We had so much fun with our guests today, especially since it was so, so, so beautiful out!  It was so beautiful that we spent the afternoon outside and even had a huge water-fight with Uncle Colm, Aunty Amy and her friends.  We all got so wet that we all had to change before dinner.  We had a yummy BBQ and some of mommy and daddy’s home made apple pie.  I love fall, especially when fall means 30 degree weather and visitors.  We hope we get to see you again soon Aunty Amy, we love you so much!

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