5 Years Old!

5 Years Old!

My birthday finally arrived and I was so incredibly happy.  I awoke to a birthday sign in the kitchen, a note from mom and dad and a new pair of beautiful pink princess boots (there are even two pink pomp pomps on each boot!).  Daddy planned a play date with two of my friends and we had a blast.  We made angel wings and halos, we played ball toss, we painted our nails, we coloured Saint pictures and played with balloons.  Aunty Jenny, Oliver and Charlotte even came to join in the fun too!  Daddy made some very yummy, very pretty cake balls too (with Mrs. Genevieve’s expert help).  Then when our guests had gone and Daddy and Robbie went to music lessons, I skyped with Grandma Teresa, Aunty Felicia, Aunty Gina and Aunty Amy.  I got to open the gift from Grandma and Grandpa Borges – such beautiful stuff!  I had such a wonderful day and I can’t wait until Saturday when I get to celebrate with my family too!  I love birthdays, any birthday really is super fun, but of course celebrating my own birthday is wonderful!  Thanks everyone for loving me and wishing me a happy birthday and calling me and praying for me – I love you!

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