My Best Friend

My Best Friend

My sister Sarah is my best friend.  We do most everything together, play, eat, watch t.v., cozy up, brush our teeth, get in trouble!  Yes, we do tend to get into some trouble, especially lately with all the rain making us stay inside more than normal.  There is nothing more we like then playing outside, riding our bike, playing with water, but like all brothers and sisters, sometimes we drive each other a little bit crazy.  Sometimes I forget that she is smaller then me and I play a little rough with her, mom and dad don’t like that very much.  I can’t wait until Nicholas is bigger so I can have a brother to wrestle with:)  Sarah and I learn a lot from each other, since we are so close in age.  We teach each other about the alphabet and making words; we teach each other about rules and how to follow them; we teach each other songs and how to tell jokes.  Sometimes I get carried away and try to teach Sarah a little too much – then mom and dad have to remind me that I’m “not the dad”.  Thank goodness!  God must have known how much I like to be with people, because he gave me my sister to keep me company.

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