I Found a Bike!

I Found a Bike!

I am so excited everyone – I found an awesome big kid bike!  Thank you Toys R Us for having a sale:)  I saved my money all winter long to buy a bike and I’m so proud of myself for being able to do it.  I love having a big kid bike and I park it in the garage right beside mom’s bike.  I’m really happy that I have training wheels right now, but I know that before I know it I won’t even need those anymore – maybe next year.  For now, I’m working on getting strong legs.  I went for my first bike ride along the river on Saturday and we went for a long time.  On the way home my legs were soooo tired from pedaling up and down the hills, so I walked for a little while and mom pushed my bike until I was ready to keep on riding.  This biking thing is hard work, but so FUN!

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