Four Years Old!

Four Years Old!

Yep, that’s right, 4 years old!  Can you believe it?  I know dad and mom can’t believe that I’ve grown so much, but it’s true.  I’m becoming a BIG boy – and I LOVE it!  I like being big because instead of napping I get to have quiet time – which includes watching a video sometimes:)  I like being big because I can buckle up my seat belt by myself, open and shut the van door by myself and ride a big kid bike all by myself (with training wheels of course).  I like being big because i get to understand a little bit more how much I am loved, by Jesus and my family – I am one very blessed BIG boy.  I got to celebrate my birthday in Winnipeg this year, because we were there helping Aunty Sharon and “Almost Uncle Colm” get ready for their wedding. 

Daddy made me the most absolutely amazing cake – with Lightening McQueen on it!  You can see pics of it in the photo gallery – it really was awesome and I loved it.  Mommy, Aunty Amy and Aunty Felicia took me to see Grandpa Jose at work and I got to drive a front end loader – really, I really got to drive it!  I also got to operate the buckets on a real life Scoop!  I was just so happy to celebrate my family with people that love me and I’m so thankful for everything Jesus gives me.  I’m looking forward to every day of this new year – being 4!

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