Fall Has Arrived

Fall Has Arrived

Well, it had to happen, fall had to arrive and summer has gone.  We can’t complain though, we are having a beautiful fall.  We’ve had lots of warm weather and most days are warm enough to wear my shorts still!  I’m finding it hard to adjust to wearing pants again, they feel weird.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve grown another foot and half over the summer and most of my pants are a little short on me now.  We are enjoying the changing colours on the trees and today we were raking up the leaves in our yard and instead of picking them up and putting them in a garbage bag, we jumped in them, took pictures and threw them up in the air – way more fun!  Mommy doesn’t mind, she likes the look of fall leaves in the yard, but I guess we should probably try and finish off the gardens and the yard before the really cold weather comes.  Until then, we are going to ignore the fact that winter is coming and enjoy the beautiful weather God is giving us!

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