Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yay, Jesus is Alive!  We have been hearing about the passion of Jesus all week, it was a special week – HOLY WEEK.  We had a special Holy Week garden where we following all the things that happened to Jesus the week before Easter.  Riding on a donkey into Jerusalem, waving palms, the coins they gave Judas, the washing of feet, Jesus dying on the cross, being laid in a tomb, and finally today the EMPTY tomb!  We began celebrating this wonderful day with Easter bags from Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Jose.  We went to Church where Fr. Les showed us an Easter basket he made for Fr. Paul who is sick.  Then we came home and had an Easter egg hunt and had some chocolate!!  It’s been a wonderful day already and when Sarah wakes up we are going to Aunty Jenny and Uncle Min’s for a yummy turkey dinner.  I am learning every day how blessed I am and Easter is definitely a time where I feel blessed and very loved, by my family and especially by God!

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