C’est Halloween!

C’est Halloween!

Today was our Halloween party at school and boy was

it ever fun!!!  The whole family was invited to join us for

the party and dad, mom, Sarah and Nicholas were able

to come!  We dressed up, danced, we sang songs, we

played games and had lots of yummy snacks!  Daddy

was the only dad able to come, boy did I feel special! 

Grandma Lorraine made me this very cool dinosaur

costume and all my friends loved it, so did I!  All my

friends had very cool costumes too; there was

Blessed Mother Theresa, Batman, Hanna Montana,

Raggedy Anne, Spiderman, a Pirate, a cheerleader, a

bride, un chat noir, a fairy and Sarah came dressed as

Snow White!  I can’t wait until Sunday when I get to

dress up all over again!

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