While we were in Shaunavon we went downtown one day to check out the shops.  We ended up at the good old “Bargain Shop” and found some Mini Cars on sale for cheap, so Daddy bought me Mater and a yellow Lightening MacQueen.  I was sooo happy – can you tell?  Between the cars I got for Valentines, some great finds at garage sales and the mini cars that Aunty Sharon bought me when she was visiting, I could almost recreate the entire movie!  I LOVE playing Cars so much and I spend hours playing with my collection.  One of the coolest things I got to do when I was in Shaunavon was drive a Gator (4 wheeler) with Mrs. Gillian’s brother, Mr. Jason.  I got to sit on his lap and even DRIVE a little!  I was so excited to be really driving and I can’t wait to be able to drive dad and mom’s car – they say they will be sure to keep a beater around just for learning how to drive.  I think I’ll be a good driver though, with all my practice with my toy cars and sitting in the driver’s seat of the van, when mom and dad say it is safe, and pretending to drive – I know I will get behind the wheel of that beater when I’m 16 years old and I’ll pass the driver’s test with flying colours!  Only 12 more years to go:)

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