Busy Days

Busy Days

So, this post really has nothing to do with the picture, but I thought the picture was super cute!  I especially love my crooked smile, which I seem to have picked up from my Uncle Robert:)  Life is very busy these days, full of learning, fun and adventures.  My week goes something like this…

Saturdays are usually project time around the house.  Dad doesn’t have to work, so lots of things seem to get done.  One recent Saturday I helped him by cleaning mommy’s car, while he fixed her door.  This past Saturday I helped him put new handles on our kitchen cabinets, they look super nice.  We also usually go to Church on Saturday nights.

Sundays we try to do something together as a family.  Whether it is watching a movie, or cleaning the yard up for winter, or painting the shed, we always try to have some fun.

Mondays daddy has to go back to work, so it’s back to routine at home.  A little t.v., lots of playing, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, reading books and stuff.  Sometimes we have to help mom clean, sometimes we get to go run errands, sometimes Oliver or Jacinta come to play. 

Tuesdays are school days.  I’m not always very happy about going to school, because I really like being at home.  But once the day gets going, I really have a lot of fun.  I’m learning lots of words in French, and mom says I have the perfect Parisian accent, whatever that means.  My teacher is wonderful and I making lots of new friends!

Wednesdays are Time Out For Moms day and music lessons for me.  No mom doesn’t have to sit on the notty spot all day, she gets to have coffee with her lady friends, while Sarah, Nicholas and I get to play with kids.  One of my classmates even comes!  I wasn’t too keene on it at the beginning, but now I like it.  Music lessons are really fun – I am learning soooo much!  I can now find all the C,D,E and F keys on the piano.  I’m learning about rhythm, getting to play lots of instruments and training my ear to listen to music.  All this while talking about dinosaurs, firemen, creepy critters, and elegant elks!

Thursdays are school days again and Sarah has her music lessons after I come home from school.  So we have boy time at home.

Fridays are much like Mondays, except some Fridays I have school.

So that’s my week in a nutshell, in case you were wondering what I did all day:)

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