St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas

We love St. Nicholas in our house – one of the reasons I was named Nicholas!  So on St. Nicholas’ feast day we celebrated with a yummy Chocolate cake in the shape of a Christmas tree:)  We also got to celebrate with St. Nicholas at Kids for Christ; he came and paid us a visit, gave us all a little gift and even took pictures with us!  St. Nicholas is so generous, I hope that I can be generous like him in my words and actions.  We also paid St. Nicholas a visit at the mall and took some pictures with him there – I told you we LOVE St. Nicholas in this house, we can’t get enough of him.  The name Nicholas mean “Power of the People”, pretty interesting meaning I would say.  St. Nicholas sure lived up to that meaning and I hope that by following his example, I will also be a strong, holy and powerful leader for the people around me.  Mommy and Daddy think I’m well on my way, because I’m usually such a kind, fun-loving, easy going kid.  But I guess I have my powerful side too….I just got to learn how to use it for good!

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