First Shots

First Shots

Today I had my first shots, who the heck created these things – definitely NOT an infant!  They are not fun at all.  I tried to keep a brave face for my mom, brother and sister, but it hurt!  I cried a bit for the first one, it wasn’t so bad, then the nurse said the second one was going to “bite”.  Well, I haven’t been bitten yet, but if it feels like that, I don’t want to be bitten ever!  Mom says that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I guess that is the whole point of vaccination – let’s hope so.  On the up side I got measured and weighed, and I’m growing!  I am now 13 pounds 2 ounces – hard to believe I was so small when I was born.  I am now recovering from the day’s experience, I’m a very resilient little guy and I’m so content on a good day, that my bad days don’t seem so bad to mom.  I guess that is partly because I am a third child and partly because that is just how God made me.  I fit perfectly into my family, how could I not, I was created by the Creator of the World – I think He knew exactly what little person my family needed. 

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