Dinosaur Soup

Dinosaur Soup

Today I am sad for many reasons….the first being that I’m not too happy about being Dinosaur Soup – mommy and daddy think it’s hilarious, I do not.  The second reason I’m sad is that our fantastic trip has come to an end.  Today we travel from Drumheller back home, and although I’m excited to get home because I’m tired and miss my toys, I will be sad to see this adventure come to an end.  I have loved all the new things I’ve seen and done – climbing mountains, waterfalls, marching bands, the beach, doggies, ice cream and slurpees, riding on daddy’s back in the back pack, getting into trouble in the tent trailer, seeing the dinosaurs – oh the fun I have had!  What can I say, I like adventure!  The final reason I’m sad is that I thought sunlight dish soap would taste good as a before dinner snack last night, turns out it does not taste good at all and it makes your tummy hurt for a few days….I hope I’ve learned my lesson, mommy and daddy have their doubts.

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