11 Months Old

11 Months Old

Only one more month to go before turning the big number 1!  Lots has happened over the past month.  I’ve really perfected my crawling technique and nobody can stop me now.  I love to explore everything around me, including the trash and my diaper pail.  I love to play hockey with my big brother and I love to see the toilet paper roll off the roll so smoothly, what a great invention:)  I really like playing in the big red car Santa gave Robbie and Sarah a few Christmas’ ago, and the other day I even pushed myself backwards in it.  I also know how to make car noises when I play in and with cars.  Probably the biggest event this month was learning to say Daddy, I still need to work on saying it to daddy, but it’s coming soon.  Every day is a brand new adventure and I’m loving life.  I can’t wait for the big one year party, but until then I’ll be growing and learning something new every day.  Oh yeah, I’ll also be trying to get my 4 top teeth to come through my gums, darn things don’t want to budge!

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