1 Week Old

1 Week Old

At 10:43pm today I will officially be 1 Week Old.  What have I been doing this past week you may ask?  Well, LOTS actually!  I spent my first 2 days of life in the hospital, learning how to eat, getting my temp and other vitals checked every 4 hours and meeting my family for the first time.  I came home from the hospital on Thursday, March 25th – the Feast of the Annunciation and our new Bishop’s ordination day – Congratulations Bishop Donald Bolen!  Aunty Jenny and Uncle Min made a  wonderful dinner to welcome me and mom home – we felt very loved. On Saturday night I got to go to mass for the 1st time, we celebrated Palm Sunday and I got my first blessing from Fr. Darryl.  Yesterday I spent most of the day eating – mom and dad couldn’t believe I could be so hungry, but hey I’m growing like a weed and need fuel!  I just hope mom can keep up with me.  I also got to hang out with my cousin Oliver – he is very fun and points to me and says baby!  So that has been my first week of life, along with all of that I’ve been getting to know my big brother and sister who love me so much!  They are really good at helping mom and dad out.  I can’t wait to get bigger so I can play with them, they seem like so much fun!

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