I’m Baptized!

I’m Baptized!

What a wonderful day, today I became part of God’s family!  What a great family it is!  I have my Borges and Molyneux families, I have my St. Anne’s family, I have the family of Saints and Angels – they all love me and are praying for me!  I was surrounded by all these wonderful people today as my mom and dad and my Godparents, Uncle Colm and Aunty Sharon, declared for me that I believe in God and His Son Jesus.  I hope that I will never forget who I belong to!  We had a wonderful time celebrating this great day.  My Borges family drove a long way to be with me and so did my Great Uncle Ed and Aunty Lucille.  Daddy made some awesome decorations to celebrate the day and the Parish of St. Anne’s joyfully welcomed me into the family.  I was so excited about the whole thing that as we started the mass and mom, dad and my Godparents were introducing me to the parish, I had a bit of a loud mishap in my diaper:)  I made a lot of people laugh!  After that though, I peacefully took in all the prayers and actions that marked me as a child of God.  My favourite part, aside from the lovely warm waters of baptism, was being held high by Fr. Lawrence as everyone celebrated this great occasion with me.

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